Biden Losing Support With These Voters

( – Bleeding support left and right ahead of the 2024 general election, it has been confirmed that Latinos are leaving in droves and turning their back on Joe Biden.

This is a huge turn of events for the Democratic Party, as the Latino demographic has historically agreed with the party on key issues.

An Axios/Ipsos poll spotlighted this trend that revealed that Latinos have increasingly turned away from Biden since June 2023.

Right now, Biden’s lead over former President Donald Trump in terms of favorability among Latinos has shrunk to a mere 9 points.

The survey highlights that although Latino voters align with Democrats on abortion and immigration by a 19-point and 1-point margin respectively, their allegiance towards the party is growing weaker on economic and crime issues.

For these issues, voters turned to the Republican Party, although its dominance in these areas has diminished by 4 points since last June.

Trump notably performs better than Biden among Latino voters in terms of the economy by 22 points, crime by 11 points and immigration by 7 points.

Conversely, Biden maintains a 9-point upper hand on abortion. Chris Jackson from Ipsos noted an interesting pattern where Trump’s individual performance surpasses the general Republican appeal, whereas Biden falls short compared to the Democratic brand.

“If anything, Democrats are actually slightly better positioned relative to Republicans versus when we’d asked this last June 2023 … across all sorts of different issues,” he said.

Topping the list of concerns for Latinos are inflation and cost of living at 53%, followed by crime or gun violence at 34% and immigration at 28%, with only 10% deeming abortion as their main worry leading into the election.

After he took office, Biden’s favorability among Latinos stood at 53%, compared to Trump’s 24%. However, this gap narrowed significantly to just a 3-point advantage for Biden among likely voters for the 2024 election.

Jaime Florez of the Republican National Committee (RNC) remarked on the shifting Latino allegiance towards Republicans due to shared values like family, freedom, patriotism, economic model, faith and education.

Additionally, recent surveys indicate Biden is losing ground among key demographics traditionally favoring Democrats, such as black individuals, independents, women and young voters.

The Axios/Ipsos poll was conducted in late March among 1,012 Latinos and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6%.

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