Biden Gets Crushing News

( – Further confirming his chances at winning this fall are quickly diminishing, a recent survey indicates U.S. adults are increasingly skeptical of Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities.

This new revelation worries Biden’s camp since it will turn his upcoming State of the Union address into a crucial attempt to validate his capability for a second term.

The poll was conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and unveils that 63% of participants express little confidence in Biden’s mental capacity to effectively fulfill presidential duties, which marks a slight uptick from similar sentiments expressed in January 2022.

Currently, Biden’s job performance approval stands at 38%, with a stark division among political affiliations: 74% of Democrats show support, in stark contrast to 20% of independents and a mere 6% of Republicans.

The poll also highlights widespread dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of several key issues, including the economy, immigration and foreign policy, with only about 40% approving his approach to health care, climate change, abortion policy and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Amid economic concerns 57% of Americans perceive the national economy as deteriorating since Biden’s inauguration in 2021 although a majority report satisfaction with their personal financial situations.

Moreover, the survey reflects deep voter pessimism largely attributed to the likely candidates’ advanced ages and potential cognitive decline. Voters like 84-year-old Paul Miller expressed a desire for alternative candidates and cited concerns over both Biden’s and former President Donald Trump’s suitability based on age and character.

The poll also touched on Biden’s attempt to counteract age-related criticisms with humor and direct comparisons with Trump. However, a notable portion of Democrats now express reservations about Biden’s mental capability, a significant shift from earlier assessments.

The poll included 1,102 adults and was conducted to measure public opinion on the mental fitness of potential presidential candidates with a particular focus on vice presidential choices due to the advanced ages of Biden and Trump.

This survey was carried out in mid to late February 2024 and aims to reflect the sentiments of the U.S. population with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.