Beloved Zoo Animal Dies How?!

( – The Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center in Kansas witnessed an unfortunate incident that caused the death of a beloved ostrich named Karen after she swallowed a staff member’s keys.

The zoo detailed the incident in a Facebook post by explaining that Karen managed to grab and swallow the keys that were hanging beyond the fence of her enclosure.

“Karen reached beyond her exhibit fence to grab the keys of a staff member. She immediately swallowed the keys,” the zoo wrote.

It added, “Zoo staff consulted with experts across the country to undergo surgical and non-surgical efforts to minimize the impact of the keys.”

Although zoo staff consulted with experts nationwide and made instant and extensive both surgical and non-surgical efforts, Karen could not be saved.

“We are devastated by the loss of Karen,” said Topeka Zoo Interim Director Fawn Moser in a statement.

“She was not just an animal; she was a beloved member of our community. Our thoughts are with our dedicated animal care team, who formed deep bonds with Karen during her time with us,” Moser concluded.

Karen quickly became a zoo favorite after joining the zoo community in March 2023. She was affectionately known as the “dancing queen” for her spirited displays in water.

Following this incident, the zoo initiated a thorough investigation and is revising its safety protocols to enhance security measures and prevent such accidents from happening in the future.

The zoo is also reviewing the involved staff member’s actions to make sure that all the animals at the zoo are kept safe and cared for.

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