70 Arrested

(DailyEmailNews.com) – Extreme leftists are getting out of hand with their demonstrations, as San Francisco police detained 70 pro-Palestine protesters after they occupied a building hosting the Israeli consulate.

These people have taken it upon themselves to cause trouble across America as a way of protesting the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza.

The chaos has seen demonstrations at campuses across the nation and clashes with police officers.

This time, the demonstrators at the Israeli consulate faced trespassing charges: 69 of them were zip-tied and later released from jail, while one was cited and released at the scene.

The protesters were inside the building’s lobby for several hours and were heard chanting “Free, free Palestine,” as captured in video footage.

They also displayed signs against Israel’s military activities in Gaza, which has persisted for nearly eight months in an effort to dismantle the terrorist group Hamas.

Protesters also voiced their demands with slogans such as “anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.”

The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network indicated on Instagram that over 100 locals participated in the demonstration.

The Israeli consulate expressed strong disapproval of the protest and labeled the participants as “pro-Hamas rioters,” according to Reuters.

The conflict in the Middle East has had severe repercussions, with local Palestinian health officials under Hamas leadership reporting over 36,000 Palestinian casualties.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Satellite Centre (UNOSAT) noted the destruction of more than 36,000 structures in Gaza.

The violence escalated following a surprise terror attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, which resulted in approximately 1,200 Israeli deaths and the capture of about 250 hostages.

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