38 Dogs Rescued – Heroic Effort!

(DailyEmailNews.com) – Heading out to have a good relaxing time, fishing guide Jordan Chrestman and insurance agents Bob Gist and Brad Carlisle went on a fishing trip to a Mississippi lake hoping to reel in some crappies.

However, they never imagined they would end up saving nearly 40 dogs from drowning, turning an ordinary outing into an unexpected rescue mission celebrated by local and national media.

The rescue took place when the trio was boating on a lake near Grenada, Mississippi, about 100 miles south of Memphis.

Early into their trip, they noticed something floating in the water that looked like a head, which Chrestman then identified as a dog.

Turns out there were numerous dogs in the water, all part of a pack that had jumped in while chasing a deer during a fox hunt.

“Opportunities to help somebody are in front of us all the time,” Gist reflected during an interview with the Associated Press. “Sometimes if you see something, do something.”

Describing the surreal scene, Gist told the AP, “There were dogs everywhere. They were kind of swimming in circles and didn’t know which way to go.”

The dogs’ frantic efforts to stay afloat were visible, which caused Gist, Carlisle and Chrestman to take immediate action.

The dogs’ owners were stationed about a mile away on shore and watched in distress as the men maneuvered their boat alongside the struggling dogs.

Gist and Carlisle pulled the animals aboard to ferry some to safety on their first trip. They continued this effort and made a total of three trips to rescue 38 dogs.

During one of these trips, Gist captured a photo showing Carlisle and Chrestman amid the rescued dogs, some of whom had numbers painted on their sides from the hunt.

Carlisle stood and smiled in sunglasses while Chrestman steered the boat and appeared relieved to aid the struggling animals.

After the rescue, the grateful hunters and dog owners offered to compensate the rescuers. Chrestman declined and emphasized the value of mutual aid: “When you see us in trouble, y’all come help us.”

Gist agreed and praised Chrestman’s quick response, saying, “The hero here is Jordan” as he was the one who saw the danger the dogs were in. “If it wasn’t for Jordan, there would have been 38 dead dogs.”

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