$220K Raised for This 90-Year-Old Veteran

(DailyEmailNews.com) – Highlighting the shocking economic hardships our veterans are facing, a kindhearted person decided to take matters into her own hands to raise over $220,000 for a 90-year-old veteran.

During a Memorial Day visit to a local supermarket in New Orleans, former Louisiana news anchor Karen Swensen found Dillon McCormick pushing shopping carts in the sweltering heat to make ends meet.

Shocked to see him working in such conditions, Swensen learned that McCormick, a U.S. Air Force veteran, had to walk over a mile to his job at Winn Dixie because he could not drive.

Moved by his story, Swensen, who previously worked at WWL-TV, initiated a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe.

“Mr. McCormick is working to EAT, he said. He needs $2500/month to live and says he only gets $1100 from social security,” Swensen detailed on the fundraiser page. “So he must push carts in triple digit heat to make ends meet.”

The fundraising effort quickly resonated with thousands who contributed to an impressive $222,410, including a boost from “Today” show co-host Hoda Kotb, who shared the fundraiser on her Instagram.

Now running her own business, Swensen said she was surprised at the overwhelming response, telling The Post she was “blown away” by the generosity of strangers.

After sharing the successful fundraising outcome with McCormick, he responded humbly in an Instagram video posted by Swensen, “I think it’s great. At my age it’s probably a miracle.”

Initially skeptical and concerned about the fundraising’s legitimacy, McCormick was reassured when Swensen visited with Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto III to confirm that he was not being scammed. Plans were made to transfer the funds to him within days.

Swensen updated the GoFundMe page to say the money would allow McCormick to retire comfortably. “Should he choose to remain working, it will be just that – his choice,” she wrote.

Reflecting on the swift and generous public reaction, Swensen said, “I was so profoundly upset, but I was then equally impacted by the response. It was just a restoration of a belief in humanity.”

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