$2 Million if Biden Quits?!

(DailyEmailNews.com) – Putting pressure on the party due to its ineffective presidential candidate, a coalition of wealthy Democratic supporters has committed $2 million to establish new presidential debates in case Joe Biden chooses to withdraw from the upcoming election.

Led by Intuit and PayPal former CEO Bill Harris, this group is advocating for an open Democratic primary to select a new candidate if Biden opts not to continue his reelection campaign.

This strategy is seen as a way to avoid the automatic endorsement of Kamala Harris’s candidacy.

“It’s not that we have to protect ourselves from chaos and drama,” Bill Harris stated. “We need drama and a little chaos. I think it can be refreshing and energizing.”

Refuting the views that the public remains unaffected by Biden’s debate performances, Bill Harris mentioned that he funded two private Emerson College polls since 2023, exploring voter concerns regarding Biden’s age, with another poll in progress.

“It’s the opposite,” he noted. “The voters have been there for a long time, and it’s the Democratic establishment and the Beltway community that has been so slow and reluctant to face reality.”

Bill Harris also suggested that Biden’s decision to step down might be inevitable.

“I don’t think it matters whether the president does well or does poorly this evening — this concern is bigger than a single interview and bigger than a single debate,” he told The Washington Post before Biden’s interview on ABC. “It is a rolling thunder that will not crest or subside.”

In the past, Bill Harris contributed $620,000 to the Biden Victory Fund in 2020 but has refrained from donating to Biden’s 2024 campaign.

He opted instead to support Democratic congressional candidates due to concerns about Biden’s age and capability.

Amid these ongoing debates about his viability, Biden doubled down on his determination to remain in the race during a rally in Madison, Wisconsin.

“I am running, and I’m going to win again,” he assured the audience.

Despite Biden’s confidence, there is lingering uncertainty about his ability to secure another term as some Democrats urge him to consider stepping down.

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