110-Year-Old Man Still Does What?!

(DailyEmailNews.com) – After celebrating the huge milestone of his 110th birthday, Vincent Dransfield, a former volunteer fire chief from Little Falls, New Jersey, revealed that he is by no means a frail man.

Despite his age, he leads an impressively independent life.

He lives alone, manages daily tasks without any help, cooks for himself, drives regularly and maintains an active lifestyle by navigating his three-story home.

Dransfield birthday places him among the elite group of supercentenarians, a title reserved for those aged 110 and over.

Remarkably, Dransfield is one of the few men in this group, as women make up about 90% of supercentenarians worldwide.

His birthday was celebrated at his old workplace, Singac Volunteer Fire Company #3, which marks him as the eighth-oldest living man reported around the globe.

Dransfield’s health record is extraordinary: he has never suffered from cancer, dementia or any other severe illnesses and only experiences minor knee pain.

His lifestyle is not strictly disciplined, as he smoked for two decades, enjoys foods like hamburgers and chocolate and spoils himself with an occasional beer and daily coffee.

Interestingly, he views jogging with amusement, questioning, “Where are they running to?”

Family plays a central role in his long life. He is a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather with strong family bonds.

Dransfield says his longevity is the result of luck, milk and doing what he loves, with a large portion of his happiness and health stemming from his lifelong career with the fire department.

This passion provided him not only with physical activity but also with a strong social network, which became especially important after his wife’s death in 1992.

According to Dransfield, spending time at the firehouse was crucial in keeping him active and socially engaged. The friendship and sense of purpose he found in volunteering made his life fulfilling.

Above all, Dransfield believes that keeping a positive outlook and cherishing relationships are key to a long life. He remarked, “Knowing people and loving people makes me live longer.”

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